Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hearing God Speak Through Scriptures and the Holy Spirit

There are many afflictions, but the primary ones are from the inner brokenness, wounds, and crushed spirit that have been inflicted on many in our world. Wounds may come from childhood abuse. They often result from our own sinful acts. Wounds may also be caused by authorities overstepping boundaries. Often they are the results of us believing lies that have been placed in our hearts by the world, the flesh, or the devil. Many of my clients become upset when they realize that the enemy has attacked them. But the thing we need to remember is that the devil never kicks a dead horse. If you're feeling the kicks, you're still alive, and you can still experience healing and hope in Christ. That is the promise I always make to my clients. "If you honestly seek Christ in the midst of your terrible situation, you will be surprised at the amazing things He will do to help!" How exactly does Jesus help us and move us toward genuine healing? I believe genuine healing comes largely through Jesus communicating with us personally to reveal the truth in our hearts and expose the lies we've let control our lives. In the book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby wrote, "If I do not know when God is speaking, I am in trouble at the heart of my Christian life." Being able to "hear God" is the primary point at which Satan attacks. He wants to dull our "faith sense" that enables us to hear God's voice and learn the truth we need to apply in any given situation. Blackaby goes on to say, "God never will lead you in opposition to His written Word." Occasionally, people come to me who believe God wants them to do things contrary to Scripture. They are supposed to unload their anger on their family as a means of "venting." Or they believe they should hurt someone physically who has hurt them. But my counsel is always "What does God's Word say?" If something we "hear" in our hearts is contrary to that, then we can be sure that is not the voice of God. As Blackaby noted, "What God speaks to me, revealing what He is about to do, that revelation is my invitation to adjust my life to God. Adjustments prepare me for obedience. I cannot stay where I am and go with God. God's greatest single task is to get His people adjusted to Himself." At that point, he made an insightful warfare statement: "The only way Satan can affect God's work through me is when I believe Satan and disbelieve God." I believe the Lord Jesus Christ speaks by the Holy Spirit using the Word, and that by the prompting of the Spirit He gives mental pictures both through the Word and by His "still small voice" that every child of God can hear within his heart if he chooses. In all such communication, God never adds to His Word, nor does He ever contradict it. This means by which He heals and opens a heart to the truth. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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