Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Should the Church Respond to Satanic Plants

How should the church deal with these people-those from within and without the church who can be used by the enemy? The following principles are of utmost importance while ministering to such people: First, prayer is our ultimate weapon. Thus we must "pray with-out ceasing," Second, we must love the individuals whom the enemy is attempting to work through. We must build a relationship with them (they are often extremely needy). Remember God promises to be there with us (Matthew 18:20). Third, we must gain some insights about the type of occult or satanic involvement any individual may have willingly or often unwillingly participated in. Those who are attacking leaders, spreading heresy, or dividing the church should be confronted with their actions and God's truth, according to the model of Matthew 18:15-17. Some will not respond to God's truth and will need to be removed (Titus 3:10). Others will respond to Christ's love and become new creations in Him. Keep your options open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. How God can break through. During a spiritual warfare conference years ago, I sat at a table with a friend of mine when a young lady, probably in her mid-thirties, walked over and took a seat beside us. As we were waiting to be served the evening meal, I struck up a conversation with her. To my absolute shock she knew far more than I did on the subject of spiritual warfare. As we continued to talk, I found that she was single, a registered nurse, and a member of a church whose pastor I knew quite well. As I listened to her talk about spiritual warfare I realized she had gone places I had never been. Finally she looked at me and said, "You're curious as to who I am, aren't you?" I said, "Ma'am, I cannot understand how you can have the level of knowledge and insight you have, considering your age and occupation." At that point she shared her story. "I was a witch in a coven. I was sent as a plant to such-and-such church to destroy it. I went in and did what I was assigned to do. I began building relationships and cursing various people, such as the pastor, but in time as he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, his message began to reach my heart. One day God opened my spiritual eyes and I trusted Christ as my Savior." I sat there amazed, my throat tight. She went on. "Now I am born again and a growing Christian. God has brought me freedom in Christ. I have renounced everything in my past. I have an intense hunger for God and His Word. The Lord is using me to win others to Jesus Christ. He is using me in the counseling ministry to help others come to the freedom that only can be found in Him. I rejoice that God saved me, because I know if I had remained a witch I would have ended up in hell." Sometime later I had an opportunity to share with the pastor of her church how exciting it was to meet this young woman. He smiled and said, "You don't know the half of it." He then told me what he had seen with this lovely lady. When she initially arrived at his church, he had a feeling she had come from the local coven. His church is an aggressive body that does tremendous damage to the gates of hell, and that was why the coven was eager to destroy it. He said, "I immediately alerted the leaders of the church to pray for her. They were very careful to hold her before the throne of grace daily, and not to bring accusations against her or even tell her of our suspicions. As we gently reasoned with her and prayed for her, God broke through the thick layer of lies and years of pain, and the Word of God penetrated her heart and God gave her new life." I agreed this had to be a special case, and he said, "Sometimes churches are too quick to remove someone who does not fit in with them. God may in His sovereignty bring that person into that body to come to Jesus Christ." It's a tough call. But Christians walking with Christ and a church united in spirit need fear no one. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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  1. Awesome. The Lord has, beginning in 2003, opened my eyes to the reality of satanism, satanists, satanic ritual abuse, and satanist/occult/luciferian plants in Christian circles. It's good to hear this story.