Monday, January 26, 2009

Avoiding Burnout

Leviticus 6:13 "The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out." We have historical records of the perpetual fire of the Persians; the eternal fire of Rome' and the inextinguishable fire of the Greeks. In each of these instances the idea had been adapted from the Jewish altar. The altar symbolized the human heart. Note two symbols that instruct in avoiding burnout. First the symbol of the altar. The heart must be separated from sinful desires. The heart must be consecrated to service. and the heart must constitute a proper altar of worship. Worship is focusing on God and properly responding to Him. Second the symbol of fire. The fire symbolized true devotion. It was from God. Fire was the sign of His presence and the symbol of His holiness. This fire is supernatural. This fire is lit by the Holy Spirit and burns in the holy heart. It is purifying. This fire consumes wood, hay and stubble. It transforms what it touched. Its elements are love and light. It is to be inextinguishable. It is to burn everywhere and at all times. Wherever the Patriarchs went they built an altar. It is to burn under all circumstances. In prosperity or adversity, health or sickness, life or death. This fire is to burn forever. To secure this fire to the altar we must do several things. We must guard it from anything that would put it out. Prayer must stir it. Faith must sustain it. "The just shall live by faith." Here are some things that will put the fire out. 1. Anger. 2. Resentment. 3. Fear. 4. Worry. 5. Desire to dominate. 6. Self preoccupation. 7. Guilt. 8. Sexual impurity. 9. Jealousy. 10. A lack of creative activity for the Lord. 11. Inferiority. 12. Lack of love. An altar without fire will neither glorify God or bless people. How burns the fire of God on the alter of your heart? Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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