Monday, January 26, 2009

Learning to Wait

Please read Psalm 62:1-9. Twice in this Psalm David speaks of his soul "Waiting" or "Being silent" before the Lord. This silence is significant,especially in a world filled with noise. It is so difficult for us, at times, to be perfectly still before God, as an instrument whose silent cords wait for His divine touch. Note several aspects of waiting. First, he waited on God. Lit. "My soul is silent. He displayed unwavering submission and quiet faith. He put into practice a silence of the will. The Psalmist believed, was patient, was silent in resignation and he was obedient. "Waiting is hope and trust lengthened. How did he do it? With his soul. He who talks much of his troubles to men is apt to say too little about them to God. What came out of it? Deliverance, present, personal, and eternal. Second, why should we wait on the Lord? Because the secret of strength lies in submission. This is seen in what He is. He is our Rock. He is our strength, God enables us to stand in the midst of all the evil forces of the world. Our Savior is able to deliver us from the power of sin. Our Defender is able to save us from the attacks of the Devil. Because He keeps His great promises, we can trust Him fully. If we do not trust Him with and in all, we do not trust Him at all. Third, how should we wait? Expecting Him to keep His Word. We must be unmovable. He is my Refuge what enemy can pursue me? He is my Rock, what storm shall shake me? He is my Defense, what temptation shall wound me? He is my Salvation, what grief shall deject me? He is my glory, what slander shall defame me? Forth, the result of waiting upon the Lord. Trust will develop. He wants all trust, from all saints at all times. We need to trust in times of prosperity, of desertion by friends, of poverty, of conscious sin, of chastisement, of death. These are the times we learn how to pray. We need to learn how to speak plainly with God. The word "Pour" signifies that the heart is full of grief, and almost afraid to empty itself before the Lord. Jesus is the wonderful counselor. He will be our Refuge. Jesus puts the false helps upon which men depend into contrast with the only help of man, that is God Himself. The false helps are 1. Men of low degree. 2. Men of high degree. 3. Oppression. 4. Robbery. 5. Riches. In this passage of Scripture the weakness and uselessness of all these things apart from God is clearly seen. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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