Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Truth Verses Lies

Every sin is the exchange of the truth of God for a lie. Consequently, the more truthful one becomes with himself the more he is delivered from the deceitfulness of sin. Every season of significant spiritual growth in your walk with God will be precipitated by a time of deep repentance. In the Christian walk we must accept the whole inheritance, suffering as well as glory (John 15:19-20). It was necessary for Christ to suffer to enter into His glory. To wear the crown we must share the cross. We do not grow into sanctificaton, we grow in sanctification. We are becoming what God has declared we already are. Jesus did not come to give us a system by which we could live, He came to be our life. Servants obey because they are subject to rules, sons of God obey because they are led by the Spirit unto a clear realization that the Father's will is the best possible way. Like Jesus they delight to do God's will. Thats why life in Christ is filled with mystery, misery and magnificence, often all at the same time. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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