Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Helmet of Salvation

The fifth piece of armor is the helmet of salvation. The helmet, of course, protects the head from attack. It signifies the hope of deliverance in trouble and ultimately from hell. It protects my mind from enemy attacks suggesting that I'm not really saved, that I will not make it to heaven, and that God does not love me. Satan targets our minds here because he knows the power of keeping us unaware of God's truth. If the enemy can control the mind, he can control us. However, if Satan cannot take control of all your mind, he will control whatever he can find. He knows that if you surrender some of your mind today, more will follow. We need the helmet because a wound to the mind can cause serious damage. Through our minds we grow in holiness, character, love, and faith. That's one reason Paul asked believers to "set your mind on things above" (Colossians 3:2). For us to grow spiritually and have real victory, our minds must be fixed on things above. Only when the mind, heart, and will are working together can we serve the Lord as we ought. In earthly battle, the two most vulnerable targets are the heart and the head. A soldier who is wounded in either of these places usually dies. For this reason no soldier would go into battle without his helmet or his breastplate on. When we have that helmet on, we: 1. are assured of our salvation; 2. have confidence that death, if it comes, is the door to heaven; 3. know that God ultimately is in control, even if we are not; 4. can trust in God even when things go wrong; and 5. become willing to sacrifice our all for His kingdom. Melvin found the helmet indispensable against Satan's attacks. I had counseled with Melvin one hour per month for five years. For several years he had been in the homosexual community, and one day I had the privilege of leading him to Christ. He grew quickly as a new believer; the Word fed his soul and he would grasp large portions of the Bible daily. Melvin said during one session, "I love to bite off a large chunk of the Bible in the morning and chew it all day." Melvin reconciled with his parents, who had rejected him for his previous sexual orientation, and joined their church. He was warmly received by the members of the congregation and now actively serves the Lord there. One day Melvin came to counseling with a perplexing problem. The enemy was attacking his mind by saying, "You're not saved. You had a lustful though about a man, and that shows who you really are. You have lost your salvation." The great deceiver had clearly planted that thought. Satan's number one strategy is to suggest thoughts to us. When the lustful though came, Melvin took it captive and confessed it, but Satan still accused him of being a sinner God had not truly saved. That was when I encouraged Melvin to put on the helmet of salvation each day (along with all the armor). As I explained the fact that we are saved apart from any any works we might do, I also explained that the helmet of salvation protects our mind from the lies the enemy tries to tell us concerning our salvation. "By the helmet we are reminded that we are delivered from the wrath to come," I told him. "As blood-bought children of God, we are saved from the penalty of sin and the power of sin in this world. One day in heaven we will be saved from the presence of sin;" Melvin grasped the helmet and put it on. Later, recalling our session, he told me, "From that day forward I have put on the whole armor of God daily. The helmet of salvation reminds me that I am secure in Christ because He has won and given me salvation, not because I've earned it. I am truly saved because of Calvary." The helmet protects our minds, the very point at which Satan most often strikes. Over and over, as I've helped Christians understand this amazing piece of equipment, I have seen them change from saints in a pit to saints with a peace. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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