Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changeless Truths in a Changing World

Please read Hebrews 13:8-16. In these eight verses we find several changeless truths that will impact our world of superficiality. Each truth revolves around Christ, the immutable One who is the changeless Rock of stability and faithfulness. First, the doctrine of immutability. We live in a world that knows nothing but accelerating change. God is not fickle; His moods don't swing, and His dealings with us are not subject to cancellation or redefinition. He always deals with us on the basis of His revealed Word. Second, a warning against heresy. The word "Divers" comes from the same Greek word from which we get the term "Polka dot." False teachings come in many colors, they are pleasing to the eye and they sound good to the ear. However, heresy is always destructive to the soul. The text mentions one source of weakness, food, our "Hearts are to be established with grace not meats". The writer is saying "Do what is right and Scriptural." No person is ever benefited by following a heresy. Third, our involvement for spirituality. The writer gives us a list of four specifics that touch the lives of those who embrace grace and the person of Jesus Christ. We have an altar to use. This is a reference to the cross, where Christ's sacrificial offering was made. Those who seek fulfillment in form rather than substance have "No right to eat" from this altar. We also have a reproach to bear. There is a price to pay for identifying with Christ. There is a separation stigma with which we must live. This is part of the curriculum of grace. God has given us a city to seek. This city is on the horizon which God Himself has designed and built. It is in no way earthly. And we have a sacrifice to offer. Although we have no sanctified earthly altar, we still have a sacrifice of praise to offer, that of doing good and giving. Forth, we have a means to practicality. Three perspective-shaping lessons come to light in the above passage. A changing world emphasizes my need for a changeless Christ. A changeless Christ redirects my desire toward a grace relationship. And a grace relationship strengthens my hope in a secure eternity. Are you feeling the need for a Rock to which you can cling? Are you desperate for that which is Unchanging? I encourage you to run to Jesus, "For there's room at the Cross for you!" Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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