Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sin Makes You Stupid

A friend of mine got involved with his hairstylist a number of years ago. As their "relationship" developed he determined in his heart to leave his wife and move in with the other woman. Being a man of some means he purchased a house and loaded up his goods. The woman left her husband and packed her belongings into the same moving van. My friend backed the van up to his new home and began unloading it. At this time some intervening "angels" from his local church showed up with baseball bats. The leader of this group of men said "We may go to jail tonight, but you will go to the hospital unless you leave this woman." Being a fairly intelligent individual he chose to leave the object of his desire. He broke off the relationship, but the woman remained an object of worship in his heart. His wife could sense this and she would not let him come home. A wise counselor instructed him to go to prayer and ask the Lord to cut this idol out of his heart. After a time of prayer he was set free of her and able to fully turn his heart to the Lord and his wife. Within days his wife invited him back home. He, with the Lord's help began to rebuild his marriage. He and his wife developed a relationship of honesty and openness that had not existed before. He won his wife heart and true love flourished in their marriage. In time a wise pastor and church elders invited him to join the church staff as a marriage counselor. Some 20 years later this good buddy and his wife are continuing to minister to broken people, with broken marriages. At this time my friend and his wife are traveling to churches to help counsel believers with troubled marriages. They have been commissioned as missionaries to the wounded through their local church. In a recent visit with this friend I asked him what lessons he learned from his past moral misstep. He said above all "Sin makes you stupid." The good news is that repentance is the cure for stupidity. What is the Holy Spirit telling you to repent of, what sin have you been tripping over?

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