Monday, January 19, 2009

Dare We Invade the Devil's Turf

As a good, conservative, evangelical pastor, I used to preach and practice an extreme brand of separation. On one occasion I asked the good folks of my church to invite their friends to an evangelistic crusade. One dear lady said "I don't have any unsaved friends." Sadly she had listened to me and took my brand of separation to heart. Separation is aways to be from sin, not not from sinners. Salt has to be applied, light cannot be kept hidden. For too long, our belief in separatism has given birth to isolationism. We are not “of” this world, but we are “in” this world. We have created the Christian ghetto for our own comfort where we enjoy Christian radio, Christian books, Christian music, Christian TV, Christian retirement centers, Christian Entertainment Venues, Christian social circles, Christian recreation, Christian media, Christian education on our massive self-contained campuses. All of these are good and needful, however why are we afraid to venture out of our “safe zone”. So how do we fulfill the Great Commission if we never interact with unbelievers. Are even our mature believers so vulnerable that they cannot influence unbelievers for Christ without succumbing to the temptations they might introduce? Is the church of Jesus Christ really that weak? Are our answers so frail that we cannot argue for Truth against those who may never have heard it? Do we not believe that the antidote to poverty, crime, addictions, abuse, violence, pornography, materialism and a host of other sins the GOSPEL? Then why do we avoid the poor sections of towns, the AIDS clinics, the treatment centers, the areas where “sinners” congregate? Should we be surprised when non-believers act like non-believers? Can we not show them a better way? If so, then we should invade their areas and SHOW them the difference Christ makes. Dr. Ken Copley is available for counseling, conferences, and local church meetings.

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