Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's Finish Well

One popular "Red Neck" comedian has coined the phrase "Get er done." God told Israel centuries ago "Get er done." when it came to purging the Promised land of Canaanites. Yet we read "When Israel became strong, they pressed the Canaanites into forced labor but never drove them out completely" (Judges 1:28-29). When I was in college I served in a church that went through a building program. I remember one supporting beam that did not get stained completely. there was a bare sport about the side of a small plate. The dark oak finish stood out in stark contrast to the pale unstained wood. I keep waiting for someone to finish the job, it never happened. The contractor never returned to "Get er done." A job 90% done can be an irritant to say the least. The scriptures tell us "Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your strength." Your co-workers, boss and customers will be frustrated with 90% when they are expecting and paying for 100%. The hardest place to score from in a football game is the one yard line. Why? Because the resistance is the greatest there. We are glad that Jesus finished His work on the cross. The words "It is finished" gives hope to everyone who will ever live on this earth. Spiritually, what does the Lord want from us? He wants us to grow into spiritual maturity. From day one of our new birth he says "Desire the true milk of the Word that you may grow by it." I Pet. 2:2. Spiritual growth comes by hanging around with Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith. He has declared us to be complete in Him, we simply grow into what we already are. It's not legalism that brings maturity it's loving and trusting God. Christ likeness comes from Christ closeness. There is a popular phrase in Christians circles it says "Finish well." To me that means when God calls me home, I will be walking with Him in a relationship of trust. Let's ask ourselves a few questions. Am I doing my best in all God has assigned for me to do? Do I finish every task 100%? Am I walking in an intimate trust relationship with Jesus? Do I seek by His power to obey Him in everything? Is there any unconfessed sin that He and I need to deal with together? Remember Jesus helps us deal with our sin, that is what the cross is all about. Am I willing to trust Jesus in the darkness, when life doesn't make sense, when all I see in front of me is a stone wall? Do I really love and trust the only One who really makes sense. Do I still believe the Lord when He said "Without me you can do nothing." Have I purposed in my heart to walk with the Lord and finish well? Let's "Get er done" in His strength.

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